STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  At Pure Genius, our STEM LABS are designed around the idea of educating students in these four disciplines using an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach science, technology, engineering, and math as separate and discrete subjects, STEM LABS integrate them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

Our STEM LABS curricula are standards-based and thoroughly researched by experts in the field.  The LABS emphasize computational thinking, and they focus students on the engineering design process. Our STEM LABS challenge students to pursue multiple solutions to a problem (rather than one “right” answer), and they aim to foster one’s resilience by removing the stigma associated with failure.  Since the engineering design challenges are based on real-world technologies and problems, they help students see how disciplines like math and science are relevant to their own lives.  In effect, STEM LABS are designed to bridge in-school and out-of-school learning opportunities and pique students’ interest in STEM fields.