We’ve got Birthday Parties down to a science! At Pure Genius, the children have a BLAST being real scientists and conducting hands-on experiments that are exciting and educational! Each party is customized to meet the unique interests of the birthday child!

Party Packages start at $300 for up to 12 children ($10 for each additional child). This includes use of the party space for 2 hours, including 1 ½ hours of action-packed, science FUN!!! Pure Genius provides the decorations, paper products, and FUN!  You supply the birthday cake and drinks, and leave the details (and mess) to us! 

PLEASE NOTE:  A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking to secure a date/time on our calendar.  This deposit will be put toward the cost of the party!

Try a new party idea this year and celebrate at Pure Genius!
  Or, contact our Mobile Science Lab to bring the party to you!  A Super Science Birthday Party with Pure Genius is sure to be an action-packed party that they’ll remember all year!


Bugs & Butterflies:A Critter Safari Party: Become an entomologist and explore the world of butterflies and our other six-legged friends. Explore what it is like to see with compound eyes. Let your imagination run wild as the children go through the metamorphosis of a simple caterpillar that turns into an elusive butterfly! Learn about the life cycle and bodies of insects, where they live, and how to find them. Create a habitat to take home as you capture a live critter of you own, or decorate beautiful butterfly wings. Concoct slug slime.  And finally, make an edible dirt sundae to enjoy.

Crime Scene Investigation: Sharpen your powers of observation and use tools of forensic investigation as you find out …Who done it! Dust for finger prints and compare dental ID imprints. All participants take home their own personalized crime scene investigator card, magnifying glass, and finger print analysis sheet for future investigations.

Dinosaur Dig Party:  Venture to prehistoric times and become a paleontologist! Uncover dinosaur bones as you chip away at the encrusted past. Piece your findings together and bring home your discoveries. Learn how fossils are made by creating a shark tooth necklace or dinosaur egg of your very own. Make a volcano erupt and concoct dinosaur toothpaste. Create your very own Dino-slime to take home! Lastly, make an edible Tar Pit!

Glamour Girl Science Party:  See how glamorous scientists can be! Discover how to make every day at home a spa experience by learning to make your own scented bath bubbles and lip gloss. Find out about the history, art, and science of perfume-making as you explore the chemistry of perfume while making your own unique scent.

Let it Snow Party: Mix up snow in a cup and design your own igloo out of sugar cubes. Make your very own snow globe and grow snow crystals. Make a snow ball that bounces instead of melts, go ice fishing and make some delicious ice cream.

Light It Up: Learn to make series and parallel circuits. Use your knowledge of circuits to build your very own motorized robot (or car) to take home! Wow friends and family with your ability to power a clock using a Voltaic battery!

Mini Maker Party: Calling all tinkerers, hobbyists, and inventors!  This party will get the creative energy flowing!  You pick the theme and then all hands are on deck to build their very own inventions to take home.  In the past, we have held Maker Parties to construct marshmallow shooters, rocket launchers, bird houses, tie-dye shirts, and other unique inventions.

The Magic of Science:  For Wizards Only: Kids conjure up a world of fun with this birthday party package.  You become a real wizard as you learn the science behind the magic! Learn optical illusions, chemical reactions, and inertia magic. These tricks will blow your mind!

Miners’ Party:  Strike it rich! Pan for gemstones. Each child will go on an excavation to find REAL rocks and minerals and even a shark’s tooth fossil! Everything you find – you keep! Amethyst, quartz, calcite, peacock ore, “Fools gold” and more! Grow stalagmites to take home!!!

Rockin’ Gems Party:  Pan for gemstones. Make beautiful jewelry out of your findings. Rock out to a karaoke dance party!

Party Like Picasso with a smART Party: Love art? Then this party is for you! Young Picassos and Georgia O'Keeffes make colors, shapes and lines come alive as they dip brushes into palettes of neon, glitter and primary-color paints to create masterpieces to take home. If canvas is not for you, exhibit your inner artist using other mediums such as jewelry boxes, t-shirts, bird houses, cork boards, or picture frames.

Space Blast Party:  Have a blast! Learn how we have to overcome inertia to launch a rocket ship with Newton’s Car! Design and build your own rocket, then you are cleared for takeoff. Launch your rocket into space and explore our solar system’s stars and constellations by creating your very own star map to take home. Experience life on Mars while we make Astronaut Toothpaste (a party favorite) and create eruptions! Then, mix up a big batch of Alien sneeze for every child to play with and take home! After that, you will cook up some delicious ice cream made from some of the coldest stuff on the planet: dry ice!

Spy Academy:  Investigate the undercover world of espionage while you are on covert mission. Create an agent identity, assemble a message decoder and use your powers of deduction to decipher the code. Use spy techniques and tools including UV light and chemical reactions to reveal secret clues hidden in plain sight. Once you complete the mission, you will earn your badge in covert communications. 

Pure Genius can customize your no additional charge!