Genius Hour is an international movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom.

The idea for Genius Hour originated at Google, the search-engine giant. Google allows its engineers 60 minutes each week to work on any pet project they want. Employees are encouraged to pursue new ideas or master new skills that interest them.  Google’s idea is very simple, allow people to work on something that interests them and productivity will go up.  The company’s policy has worked so well that it has been said that 50% of Google’s new projects have been created during Genius Hour.

We at Pure Genius believe that play, passion, and purpose are the forces driving young innovators. Just as the creative engineers at Google need time to pursue their interests, we also believe students need TIME; they need time to Think, Innovate, Make, and Explore. Each week, we provide Genius Hour with project-based learning activities to help students embrace their own natural curiosity, creativity, and passion for learning. Our Genius Hour nurtures children’s creativity and sparks their imaginations while teaching them to persevere and learn from failure.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Pure Genius does not offer make-up classes for any sessions missed due to student illness or school closings.